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Drive Pin Round

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A fastening system which consists of two parts: (1) a nylon component which has a cylindrical shank split on two sides, 180° apart, extending from the bottom of the shank up most of the distance to the head. The shank has several ribs extending completely around its circumference. Pan head styles has a gently rounded top surface, a cylindrical side and a flat bearing surface that meets the shank at a 90° angle. (2) a pin expander (which may be steel or nylon) which passes through a concentric channel extending from an opening in the top of the head of the nylon piece down into the shank to a point just below the spot where the split ends below the head. The steel pin has a slot across the top of its head, a chiseled point similar to a nail, and threads on its own shank which helps to lock the anchor in place upon installation. The nylon pin has a smooth, flat top and smooth shank.

An economical multipurpose blind fastener for use in predrilled hole and installed with a hammer. Provides resistance to electrical conductivity, vibration and corrosion. Can be used in floor plates, truck trailers, plumbing fixtures, window/drapery hardware and storage shelves. Steel pin variety offers greater pull-out strength.