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Drive Pin Linear

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A two-piece fastening system consisting of (1) a self-contained pin within (2) the body of a tubular-shaped rivet with a wide, trapezoidal-shaped head. The head has a very low profile and is approximately three times the diameter of the shank. The top of the rivet has an opening through which the pin protrudes. The opposite end of the rivet is enclosed but with two cross-wise slits cut into the body extending from the tip, up the shank a limited distance.

Drive pin rivets can join two or more pieces of low-density metal without the use of special installation tools. The rivet is inserted into pre-drilled, aligned holes and is set in place by striking the top of the pin with a hammer so that the pin is flush with the top of the head. This action causes the pin to drive through the opposite end and flare out in four directions creating a head on the blind side of the fastening. Drive pins have superior shear strength to standard break stem rivets because the pin remains inside of the installed rivet for its entire length. The liner head variety is designed specifically to be used to attach plywood or plastic liners in truck trailers.